Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Council overrides public opinion.....

Unfortunately, 4 of our elected officials (Brown, Schmidt, McKenna and Brown) decided to vote in opposition to the will of the public last night. They voted "YES" to install artificial turf at Cherokee (on land we don't own) and at Memorial Sports Complex. There was standing room only at the Council meeting. People stood in line to have their voices heard, apparently it fell on deaf ears. Out of approximately 35 people who spoke, only 4 were in favor of this proposal. It seems that a representative government does not exist in the township of Evesham anymore.

VAST is in the process of determining what our next step is concerning this matter. Please contact us and let us know your thoughts and ideas. It has come to my attention that it is possible to get this ordinance put back to the public for vote if we are able to obtain petitions that number 15% of the voter turnout in the last general election. We don't have hard numbers yet, but think that number is somewhere in the vicinity of 1000.